The President’s Ball


Thank you for attending the 2014 President’s Ball at Hayfields Country Club on April 4th. A number of members and guests told me it was one of our best (the Year of the House of Spice, notwithstanding). We thank the two charities, Linwood Center and The Baer School for attending the Ball.

We will now look ahead as I thank the cast and crew of this year’s show, King Willy’s Court. We are grateful to each and every one you who are giving your time and talent to raise money for the charities.

When you see Jane, Kandi and especially Carolyn, congratulate them on the success of the President’s Ball. And when you see Bernie and Rod, let them know how appreciative you are that they are putting our show together.

I strongly encourage you to gather your family and friends and come to the show at the Brown Memorial Church Auditorium May 15, 16 or 17. I promise, you will be entertained! Invitations will be mailed out soon, or you may check the homepage of our website at


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