About the Club

The Paint & Powder Club is a social club that has been in existence since 1893. Its mission is to cultivate camaraderie among members who share the love of the performing arts, by participating in social events throughout the year, culminating in an annual theatrical production. Club proceeds are donated to local charities.

The Club is one of the oldest performing arts clubs in the nation. We raise money for local charities with an annual variety show written, directed and performed by its members. The first show was performed in 1894 at Baltimore’s Ford Grand Opera House.  The Club even enjoyed a command performance before President Taft in the White House. Over the years the members of Paint and Powder have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity by volunteering their time, talent and expertise.

Early members of The Paint & Powder Club came from some well known Baltimore families: Cassard, and all, Stieff, Ridgely, Bryan, Jackson and Maslin, to name a few.  Some even became famous: Baldwin Sloan wrote Broadway hits; Harry Lehr appeared on Broadway and Garry Moore went on to radio and TV fame. Now the show’s cast consists of men and women from all walks of life. Who knows, you might see your doctor, lawyer, dentist, broker, or even your neighbor, gracing our stage!

The productions are always filled with music, song, dance, and comedy built around an original theme.

In addition to proceeds from the Show, the Club seeks sponsorship from local corporations, foundations, friends, donations and advertising.