2014 King Willy’s Court

King Willy’s Court was performed in May 2014 at Brown Memorial Church Auditorium in Towson. The times were medieval and King Willy has an eye for the ladies. Queen Cheryl is none too pleased. The King is despondent and depends on his faithful Wizard, Merlin to work his magic and bring Willy out of his doldrums. Merlin, conjures up a cast of characters from the past, present and future to sing, dance and cajole the King back to the brighter side of life.

The cast of characters included…

  • Moses parting the Red Sea while singing a parody of Red River Valley.
  • Ann Boleyn singing Tower of London.
  • Roman Senators singing Undecided.
  • Nero singing I Just Want to Set The World on Fire.
  • There’s Sampson, Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, Elvis (WHAT? Amelia Earhart and Elvis?!) and many more…

This audience loved the show!


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