2018 Cinema Shtick

The 2018 Paint and Powder Club’s production, CINEMA SHTICK, debuted on May 31, (a preview for Boy Scout Troop 740 and residents of retirement communities) then, on June 1 and June 2, 2018 the main event, a social evening filled with musical entertainment at the Scottish Rite Temple, 3800 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland. 21219.

This year’s show, CINEMA SHTICK, a movie musical revue !  was another crowd pleaser.

Utilizing different movie genre, this was not a typical movie revue whereby performers sing song after song from various movies. Instead, the audience experienced the unexpected shtick of film noir movies, shticky twists for Disney movies, those mustached cowboys of the Golden West, twisted shtick from those gangster movies and a moment or two of cultural shtick from the Marx brothers.