Since 1893 the Paint & Powder Club has remained true to its mission of
raising money for local charities with an annual theatrical production written,
directed, and performed by its members. In addition to the proceeds from the
show, the club now raises funds through corporate sponsorship and ads in the
show program. Paint & Powder is one of the oldest performing arts clubs of its
kind in the nation. Over the years the members of Paint & Powder have raised
hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity by volunteering their time, talent,
and expertise.
The upcoming show, “Judge Judy, the Musical” will be performed May
28, 29, 30, 2015 at Brown Memorial Church, 6200 North Charles Street.
Ticket price of $75 includes open bar, heavy hor d’oeuvres and a great show.
The Paint & Powder Club hopes to exceed last years fundraising effort by
selling ads in the program booklet and selling tickets to the show. More
information can be found on the Club’s website:
Tickets can be purchased by calling Carolyn Manning 410-527-0128, email: Ads in the show program can be purchased by
calling Frank Fiske, Sr. at 410.382.5414 or email:
The 2015 charities are:
The Maryland Conservatory of Music
The Children’s Playhouse of Maryland
For more information, contact:
Lelia Hopkins H 410.391.0122 or email or
Geri Schlenoff 410.608.1056
Co-chairs, Publicity Committee
*No connection with the TV show or personality of the same name

King Willy’s Court is selling out fast!

Performance Dates: May 15, 16, 17
Brown Memorial Church, Towson, Maryland
For Tickets call 410.527.0128

King Willy’s Court takes place in medieval times. King Willy has an eye for the ladies and his wife, Queen Cheryl is none too pleased. The King is despondent and depends on his faithful Wizard, Merlyn to work his magic and bring Willy out of his doldrums. The Wizard conjures up a cast of characters from the past, present and future to sing, dance and cajole the King back to the brighter side of life.

The cast of characters includes…

  • Moses parting the Red Sea while singing a parody of Red River Valley.
  • Ann Boleyn singing Tower of London.
  • Roman Senators singing Undecided.
  • Nero singing I Just Want to Set The World on Fire.
  • There’s Sampson, Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, Elvis (WHAT? Amelia Earhart and Elvis?!) and many more…

This show promises to entertain you and leave you laughing!

Ticket information:


The President’s Ball


Thank you for attending the 2014 President’s Ball at Hayfields Country Club on April 4th. A number of members and guests told me it was one of our best (the Year of the House of Spice, notwithstanding). We thank the two charities, Linwood Center and The Baer School for attending the Ball.

We will now look ahead as I thank the cast and crew of this year’s show, King Willy’s Court. We are grateful to each and every one you who are giving your time and talent to raise money for the charities.

When you see Jane, Kandi and especially Carolyn, congratulate them on the success of the President’s Ball. And when you see Bernie and Rod, let them know how appreciative you are that they are putting our show together.

I strongly encourage you to gather your family and friends and come to the show at the Brown Memorial Church Auditorium May 15, 16 or 17. I promise, you will be entertained! Invitations will be mailed out soon, or you may check the homepage of our website at